Video: Andras Schram Wedding Photography

Video Production Calgary – Weddings Television – produced by State of the Arts

Calgary Business Video Transcript – Andras Schram Photography

Hi, My name is Andras Schram.  I am a professional wedding photographer. Flash portrait photographer and I’ve been shooting portraits and weddings for the last 10 years. My specialty is really more in terms of wedding photography is more like a high fashion, European style wedding photography. I shoot for quite a bit of wedding magazines out of Europe, and it’s something that they really enjoy. So when I’m taking your pictures a wedding day, trust me, you’re gonna look like fashion models and I don’t need models for that. I just need regular people. 

My passion comes to photography, and as a wedding photographer, I will help you. It’s not something like, I will tell you. Hey, over there! And do you think you might ask Well, what do you want me to do? I said, I will go over there, and sometimes I may even take you woman, and I’ll show you how to hold her properly because what works for you might not work for the camera. 

I create these absolutely gorgeous and fantastic love scenes that are so natural when people look back, they think like Oh my God, Well, that’s not even me. How could you even do that? Well, that’s a That’s a That’s an art. It’s an art on top off the photography skills that a guy like me have. 

I’m just enjoying how I feel so comfortable, and I’m enjoying that Andras is so knowledgeable. He knows exactly what he’s doing. We’re playing into his into his palm, and it’s working really well. I feel great, really great and relaxed. 

I think he’s amazing, actually, I think it does a really good job. The stuff that I’ve seen from him has blown me away before. That’s why we hired him. 

Physically speaking, he’s not your run of the mill wedding photographer because he doesn’t have people lined up for poses. Bride and groom and father and mother and so on, it’s nothing boring. It’s I find it very unique, interesting and so on uh, much more given to something artistic versus versus boring, serious photography. 

Be my actors, be my actresses and let me just do directing and I trust you. You will have the best pictures for the rest of your life.

I pay a lot of attention to details, and I very often will the day of the wedding. I will do more than they asked for. I go above and beyond, creating a wonderful experience for them. And a lot of my brides have told me that the attention to detail that I did really enhanced their day and and made them feel very special.