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Calgary Business Video transcript – Always Alexandra’s Weddings and Events

I’m Ellie Jesperson of Anne Patterson’s flowers owner and operator.   Our flower shop is just incredible. We have a huge selection of flowers when when the season allows, we buy local, um, so we can buy our products local for the brides who are looking to have a green wedding. We also have access to flowers from Holland as well as flowers from I buy direct from the auction in BC.

Flowers can really set the ambiance. So for a bride, you know, if they have a theme in mind, we want to create that that vision for them and make that that vision a reality. We love weddings, and we love working with our brides. We love being able to capture the vision that they have for their wedding day and making that dream come true. Something that we just absolutely love. 

I think that we’re very much relational We every bride that we meet becomes a part of around Patterson’s family. So we capture that vision for them, make it a reality. We, you know, search for the perfect flower that represents that bride. Um, you know, down to the little details and making that wedding and that bouquet exclusively for themselves. 

Every wedding that we do is custom made keeping in mind the bride’s budget as well as the vision that they have. So no weddings too small or too big for us to make their dreams come true.   

I love meeting with brides. I love seeing it all come together, seeing the final of the end product and seeing and hearing from the bride that, you know, if the flowers brought tears to their eyes that they couldn’t imagine it being better. Um, you know, I love both of flowers as well as relationships. It’s kind of that tapestry of pulling together, the to the to the two things that I love most, t that’s people and flowers bring it all together.

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