Video: Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon – Calgary Artist

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon, and I’m a professional artist working and living in Calgary. 

As an artist, I’m always evolving. I actually began painting in  watercolor, and I became part of the Toronto Watercolor Society, and I thought everything I did was fabulous. But every time I take my painting and I’d hang it on the wall next to an acrylic, I think watercolors were just so blah right. And acrylic isn’t like watercolor because you can scored the pain out and it’s brightened. Bolden beautiful, and you don’t have any water that really ruins that brightness for you. 

So then I started painting these landscapes that were bright, gorgeous, huge landscapes on canvas, and I felt I had solved all my problems with the water color. But now what I’m doing is I’m actually taking it a step back. I was painting just bright, bold landscapes, and then I began incorporating people into my paintings, and I started painting people and thinking, I want something that’s just a little more subtle. That’s a little less bright. So I have evolved over the last two dozen years in my painting from one kind of painter into another into another and another. And I think that’s important when you’re a painter, just to be constantly changing, constantly evolving. And I think sometimes it’s hard for the people that are following you to catch up because they know I liked your old stuff better. But I wanted to try something new all the time, so I’ve been doing different things. 

What I want to get is some kind of universal feeling in each my paintings, something that you can relate with next person can relate with. You can look at that and know possibly what I was feeling when I painted it.

Disregarding the title, disregarding the person in the painting. I don’t want it to be a painting of somebody so much as a painting that you could put yourself into whether it’s a landscape or one of my people paintings, as I call them. I want you to take a look at and say and look at it and say, I know what that story is all about. I can put myself in there. I’ve been there before, so whether that describes my work or not, I think that’s where my head is that when I’m painting. 

I’m hoping it appeals to everybody, obviously. But, um, who had wanted to appeal to I wanted to appeal to Picaso, I want to appeal to Monet. I wanted to appeal to Matisse. I wanted to appeal to the people that inspired me when I started painting.   

If you take a look at my website, you can see the galleries that I am represented by, and if you were interested in my work, you can contact one of the galleries. They all of them have a dozen or so paintings of mind, and you can take a look at what they have online and and see what’s available. And if they want something commissioned, I also do commissions as well. 

I’d like people to look at it and say, I know who painted that.  That is important to me. I can certainly go into a gallery and take a look at a Matisse or a Monet or a Picasso, Renoir and say, I know who painted those paintings, and that’s what I’m hoping to achieve with my work too, when people come into a gallery, they say, that’s that’s an Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon.