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June 08, 2012

Calgary Business Video Interview Transcript – The meaning of Flowers

The meaning of flowers

Creating meaning in your bouquet for your wedding with the flowers that you choose as a new trend for creating bouquets. Right now, I’m here with Ellie Jesperson from Anne Patterson’s Flowers. Ellie, tell us a little bit about the meanings behind them and maybe the history of it. Sure, um, with with flowers and their meaning of its been something that’s been taking place since the Victorian era, Um uh, Queen Victoria and that era Flowers and the meanings were huge when flowers were given. Quite often there was a secret message attached, so if you didn’t have the words to express those things, you could give, it through flowers and it was used a lot. And you’re seeing it now. It’s coming alive again. In the floral industry, Kate Middleton, with her wedding, used the flower meanings very much. They were prominent in her bouquets, and so brides are becoming intrigued with that again. There’s also a new book that’s a fiction book called The Language of Flowers. Um, and again, it’s just peaking people’s curiosity on what do flowers really mean? What do they symbolize? 

So let’s talk a little bit about some of the ones that we have here and what these ones mean? Sure. So this first? Okay, um, we got very delicate soft colors. We’ve got little daffodils and, um, little spray roses. And we’ve got this little flower that looks quite a bit like a rose. And it’s called Lizzie Antis. The Dell The daffodil is the symbol of daffodil Is renewal or rebirth and so with weddings, that something that can definitely be used. The spray rows of roses. In general, there’s a meaning of love, beauty, virtue and then the fun one, the Lizzie antis is, um an outgoing  nature. So if you got a bride that, like it still wants to be subtle in her appearance on on her OK, she can just pop in that Lizzie anthems and go, Hey, I’m this may be subtle, but I’m here, so it’s just kind of a fun way to play with who your bouquet and having it really symbolized who you are and the things that have meaning to you.  We did do a wedding that was all daffodils and the groom had cancer, so it was a hugely symbolic flower for them. That’s something that also to really keep in mind. Even though all flowers have their traditional Victorian meetings, you’re also gonna have those flowers that have just your own meaning. That means something specifically to you. And you need to honor that as well. 

Now, this little bouquet here is super bright. Very, very pretty. I think it looks very fresh. Very spring. Like, what are the ones in this one mean again? It’s kind of funny. You brought up the color because colors are also you’re gonna have meaning with the colors. And they’re gonna represent something as far as the emotion and the symbol, um, symbolism of the bouquet, so we’ve got some flowers, the sunflower. It’s really interesting because some flowers always grow towards the sun. So right there, just with that alone. Um, you’re saying something. So sunflowers are, um token appear love and longevity. Um, that we’ve got little ranuculous.   And the ranuculous is radiance. So, again, this is a radiant bouquet, and having that in there also just amplifies that again. You’re your roses again. Always love, beauty. Virtue. 

The tulip is true love. So that’s kind of a fun one. Even the foliage. You’ve got lots of different meetings with that. So even the greenery in this bouquet has meaning? 

Absolutely. So it’s another really interesting and fun way to still incorporate some special meetings into your bouquet. In this case, this is eucalyptus and eucalyptus has the meaning of healing or protection. So again, just a really fun way, To um add a little secret message that you’re protecting your wedding,  you’re protecting your love. 

That’s very neat. Now, Ellie, I know you’ve got a lot more flowers in your cooler, so let’s go check and see some more of the meanings of those flowers. All right. So, Ellie, the first thing we have here is asters. 

That’s right. So these fun little flowers represent patients, 

and everybody needs to have patients and their married marriage, that’s for sure. And everything is really nice, bright and colorful. So would be a really nice addition to a bouquet.  

They do come in a lot of bright colors. 

Perfect. And now we have a pionies over here? Yes, our flower that have been used for centuries and weddings on their lush and just a beautiful flower. Um, I don’t think very many people know the meaning of it. It’s bashfulness, um, at the delicateness of the flower. I think it probably represents it well, 

that’s it’s really very pretty and a very nice color. It goes nice in a soft bouquet and the freesia? 

Freesia have a sweet, beautiful, spicy scent, and they represent innocence. Um, again, they’re just a really lovely flower, and I think meaning represents who they are very well. 

It’s really nice to quite lovely to …

Video: Anne Patterson Flowers

Video Production Calgary – Weddings Television – produced by State of the Arts

Calgary Business Video transcript – Always Alexandra’s Weddings and Events

I’m Ellie Jesperson of Anne Patterson’s flowers owner and operator.   Our flower shop is just incredible. We have a huge selection of flowers when when the season allows, we buy local, um, so we can buy our products local for the brides who are looking to have a green wedding. We also have access to flowers from Holland as well as flowers from I buy direct from the auction in BC.

Flowers can really set the ambiance. So for a bride, you know, if they have a theme in mind, we want to create that that vision for them and make that that vision a reality. We love weddings, and we love working with our brides. We love being able to capture the vision that they have for their wedding day and making that dream come true. Something that we just absolutely love. 

I think that we’re very much relational We every bride that we meet becomes a part of around Patterson’s family. So we capture that vision for them, make it a reality. We, you know, search for the perfect flower that represents that bride. Um, you know, down to the little details and making that wedding and that bouquet exclusively for themselves. 

Every wedding that we do is custom made keeping in mind the bride’s budget as well as the vision that they have. So no weddings too small or too big for us to make their dreams come true.   

I love meeting with brides. I love seeing it all come together, seeing the final of the end product and seeing and hearing from the bride that, you know, if the flowers brought tears to their eyes that they couldn’t imagine it being better. Um, you know, I love both of flowers as well as relationships. It’s kind of that tapestry of pulling together, the to the to the two things that I love most, t that’s people and flowers bring it all together.